Contemporary Homes

At Luxury Builder’s Group we know all of the perfect elements to combine to make each of our contemporary homes one of the best in contemporary home design each and every time. There is always something personalized and customized for each home owner that we build homes for.

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Classic Home Designs

Our classic designed luxury homes are destined to give your home a much more traditional type of feeling. However, because it’s made through Luxury Builder’s Group, it will always also carry a hint of modern modesty as well as a much better functionality than the older traditional home styles.

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Our Tips & Advice

We at Luxury Builder’s Group have helped many people in Melbourne realize the home of their dreams for over 20 years now. During that time, we have encountered many people who have turned to us to correct some bad choices that they made prior to discovering our services.

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Looking for Luxury Real Estate in Melbourne?

Why You Should Choose Us

At some point, just about everyone loves to look at house plans and fantasize about house designs for the home of their wildest dreams. We at Luxury Builder’s Group would love to hear those plans. We know that our home builders are more than capable of taking those house plans and house designs you have and creating some incredible luxury house plans that seem to be out of this world.

Luxury Builder’s Group has over 20 years of experience with not only just building a house. Our home builders in Melbourne have all of those years being experienced in being able to allow you to design your own home and then showing you’re your very own house plans that will make your dream home a reality. When searching for home builders in the Melbourne area we are definitely the 1st choice for many. Whether you have your own or need a new fresh home design, we will definitely present you with some awesome home designs and floor plans that will blow your mind.

For any synthetic turf enquires, contact our partner Perfect Turf Solutions in Melbourne. They sell and install fake grass for commercial or residential projects.


"It was like an episode taken from extreme home makeover. Me and my husband could not believe the amazing jobs these guys done. I am the happiest person living in the most amazing house I always dreamt about. The only mistake was not to contact these guys earlier." - Pete, Toorak